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Cani, Gatti & Co.

Tutina invernale per cani

Tutine termiche per cani autunno e inverno Materiale: cotone Il tessuto è impermeabile e traspirante e ha un buon isolamento termico. Tessuti di alta qualità per un uso a lungo termine....
€31,90 €26,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Windup mouse for cats

Keep your cat fit with this mouse toy. You just have to turn the lever and let it run; your cat will follow it. Specifications: Size:Full Length Approx 17cm Style:Mechanical...
€11,70 €8,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Whack-a-mole Wood Cat Toy

Do you remember how fun it was to play whack-a-mole as a child?  Your cat will love it too. Thanks to this wooden toy, you will be able to play...
€36,50 €27,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Waterproof Winter Coat for dogs

Pet clothes jacket vest 1. Round neck design is fashionable and cute, beautiful and generous 2. Cuff design is easy to put on and take off, comfortable and not tight....
€23,50 €17,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Summer cooling vest for dogs

Make your pet always comfortable and safe, even during the hottest month thanks to this cool vest. Discover all the details: 1. The surface layer is a heat-proof double-color net...
€29,90 €22,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Suction Dog Toy

Keep your dog amused for hours with this quirky suction cup rope toy! It has a super strong suction cup which will cling to any clean, flat surface meaning your...
€22,00 €16,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Strawberry Pet House

Looking for a comfortable gift for your beloved pet? What about giving your dog or cat all the comfort and the privacy needed? The strawberry house is perfect to give...
€22,10 €16,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Small Dog Backpack Carrier

If you want to bring your pet always with you in a safe and comfortable way, this backpack is what you were looking for.  It is easy to carry, comfortable...
€28,90 €22,00
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Silicone dog toothbrush & toy

Caring about your dog means caring about its dental care too. This product is made of pure natural rubber and allow your dog to clean the teeth without hurting them....
€24,60 €18,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Silicone Pet Paws Cleaner

This is a pet paws cleaner. It allows you to keep your home clean and tidy every time, to set you free from a floor full of pet paws signs....
€21,50 €15,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Self-Scratching Post for Cat

If your cat means the world to you, you cannot live without this accessory. The self-scratcher is a tool that will allow your cat to scratch when needed, even if...
€14,80 €10,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Security Dog Shirt

Planning a costume party with your dog?  This is the right outfit then!  This funny t-shirt will keep your dog fashion and safe at the same time.  Specifications:  Material: Cotton...
€21,00 €15,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

SYTH Power cleaning sticky brush

Remove easily and quickly the pet hairs from your home furniture thanks to the SYTH Sticky brush. Condition: Sticky brush Size:Single Large One :31*7.5*2 .5 cm Singe Small One :13.5*6*2...
€25,00 €18,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Post sterilization cat clothes

This post sterilization clothe will make your cat safe from scratching, licking or biting the interested zone. It is designed to make the post-operation time safe for your cat. Specifications:...
€19,90 €14,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Portable pet water bottle with carbon filter

Help keep your pet hydrated on long walks or hot days, thanks to the portable pet drinking bowl bottle. It filters water and functions as a bowl to allow your...
€44,60 €32,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Portable pet drinking bowl

With the pet outdoor drinking bowl, you can bring water for your dog anytime and anywhere. The portable bowl is easy to carry, easy to use The product has an...
€19,90 €14,90
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