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Cani, Gatti & Co.

Portable Drinking Bottle (350ml & 500ml)

Make your pet always safe and hydrated, anywhere you are.    Thanks to this small and easy to carry bottle you can quench your pet's thirst with ease.  It has...
€22,00 €16,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Pet wig

Looking for a costume for your pet? There it is. Thanks to this wig you can turn your cat into a lion in no time. Specifications: Hair feels good and...
€21,00 €15,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Pet hair removal roller

This product can remove all the hair and fur from your home fast. It will help you save time and effort, without hurting your home decor accessory. Specifications: Hair/fur cleaning...
€26,00 €19,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Pet food Clip & Spoon

One product, one expense, two useful function. First, you can use it as a spoon to take the right quantity of food for your pet. Second, you can use it...
€14,40 €10,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Pet easy shower kit

Make your pet enjoy a shower and massage at the same time. Our shower can cleans dog's skin thoroughly and keeps the hair tidily, the daily use will reduce the...
€25,00 €18,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Trasportino per animali domestici

Tieni il tuo animale domestico comodo, sicuro e in salute ogni volta che lo porti fuori casa. Questo trasportino per animali domestici è lo strumento perfetto se devi portarlo dal veterinario...
€32,00 €26,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.Scelti per Voi

Seggiolino auto per animali domestici

Porta in sicurezza il tuo animale domestico con te in auto grazie a questo seggiolino per auto. È facile da usare e da fissare sul sedile posteriore. Non solo proteggerà...
€38,00 €31,00
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Guanto a spazzola per il bagnetto (cani e gatti)

Dai al tuo animale domestico pulizia e coccole insieme. Perfetto per cani a pelo lungo o corto, ma anche per gatti, cavalli e altri animali domestici. I peli sparsi si...
€14,50 €13,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Collare a bandana per animali domestici

Proteggi il tuo animale domestico dal freddo con questa bandana carina. È regolabile in base al collo del tuo cane. Consigliato per animali di piccola taglia. Larghezza fascia 1,0 cm...
€18,00 €13,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Pet Water Bottle

Give water to your pet wherever you are any time you need thanks to the pet bottle water. Keeping your dog or cat hydrated is important. Because we know you...
€22,00 €16,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Pet Tunnel

Make your pet happy and trained with this outstanding gadget! Thanks to the pet tunnel you can help your dog or cat play and train, keeping fit and healthy. Specifications:...
€18,80 €13,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Pet Travel Bottle

Be sure your pet is properly hydrate when outdoor. The travel bottle conveniently fits in your car's cup holder. It is made of plastic material, BPA-free which is dishwasher safe...
€17,00 €12,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Pet Tent

We know that you love your pet and you want the best for it. This is why we designed this cute, tent-like, pet basket. Warm and comfortable, will make your...
€33,50 €24,50
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Pet Selfie Phone Clip

Want to take amazing pictures of your beloved pet but you can't make it still for more than a micro-second? This Pet-Selfie Phone Clip will allow you to take as...
€19,00 €13,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Pet Paws Cleaner

We know that you love your pet as a son and you would do anything in your power to make them happy and safe. This is why we designed this...
€36,00 €26,90
Cani, Gatti & Co.

Pet Net

Puppies are like newborns. They need to be protected by all the dangers that may live in your house.  This is why the pet net is fundamental if you have...
€21,00 €15,90
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